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Integrating cutting-edge science and technology into the cures and
enhancement’s of food products that matter most.


Akhet Fertilizer

The Moringa leaf is used to make liquid fertilizer that is 100…

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Terra Biomass

Charcoal in the form of biomass is utilized to enhance soil nutrient…

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moringa oleifera

Moringa Powder

There are two types of moringa powder produced: one is fermented and…

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With our unique cutting-edge technologies, Bio Tech International is the first organization to develop products from Moringa oleifera at this level.

Delivering innovations that transform people’s lives is Bio Tech International's mission.

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It's exciting to see a company like Bio Tech International take a modern approach to solving a wide range of increasingly problematic global issues.

Brian W.

Managing Director
The Bio Tech International team are so passionate not just about their products, but the people they are helping. It's been a privilege to be involved.


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