About Us

After 10 years of research and development, by the founders of Bio Tech International, our aim is to improve the economics of the world’s food shortage, Bio Tech has developed a unique technology to produce both high protein human and animal food enriched products. After years of research and trials, Bio Tech is in the process of launching a 100,000-hectare production farm to ensure constant supply of our products.

We incorporate the use of a tree called Moringa oleifera.

Bio Tech is in the process of launching a 100,000-hectare production farm to secure the manufacture supply of these products after years of study and testing. The Moringa oleifera tree will be used in our plan. Bio Tech will hire 15,000 residents of the area to work on the manufacturing and plantation plant as it is being built.

We at Bio Tech think that providing long-term employment opportunities, housing development, educational opportunities, and health care to the local population through our non-profit organization "Sisizwa Yithi" (Helping Others) will enhance the quality of life and longevity in the Bio Tech communities. This will make it possible to indirectly enhance the lives of more than 100,000 people who would otherwise never have this opportunity.

We will export our goods to both developed and developing nations to have a global impact on the marketplaces in which Bio Tech operates. We consider many approaches to assisting the neighbourhood communities. "What you put into life; you receive out of life" is our motto. The value system of Bio Tech has been incorporated into our management, clients, employees, and suppliers. Through operational excellence, safety performance, and everyday adherence to our principles, we thrive to generate exceptional values.

With our unique cutting-edge technologies, Bio Tech International is the first organization to develop products from Moringa oleifera at this level.

Delivering innovations that transform people’s lives

Our Business
Mission Statement
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Transforming Lives

Delivering innovations that transform people’s lives is Bio Tech International's mission.

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Educate & Extend

With the ongoing changes in the world's population, climate, and level of hunger in both developed and developing nations, Bio Tech's primary goal is to educate its workforce and extend everyone's life expectancy using cutting-edge technologies.

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Science & Technology

To promote health, we are putting our enthusiasm and devotion to use. Bio Tech’s culture is about how we do things as much as what we do. As we endeavour to integrate cutting-edge c into the cures and enhancement’s of food products that matter most, research and development are at the core of achieving Bio Tech International's goal.